What makes Quick Sand Castle different from every other beach toy on the market?

No more flipping heavy buckets of sand

We have all had the frustration of building castles with buckets.  Lifting the mold off only to have the castle crumble before your eyes.  With Quick Sand Castle those days are over.   Our system has an open top which you can fill with sand and a lot of water.  With the ability to compress the sand down and remove the mold outward, you will get a strong and detailed castle EVERY TIME.

No need to worry about water/sand ratio

A strong sandcastle requires a lot of water.  Since the forms have an open top and bottom you can pour as much water into the form as you like.  The water will drain through the molds making a perfect mixture.  All excess water will drain into the beach.

Create custom castles

No more castles that only resemble an upside down bucket.  With three different size panels you can create a custom pattern for each mold.  Make dozens of castles a day and each one can be unique.

No more limitations on size of your castles

The Quick Sand Castle system allows you to combine kits to create really large castles.  By connecting straps together you can create wider molds which will allow for more levels.  The wider the base/ the higher you can go.